DSS Corporation

What We Do

Business is a contact sport. Our goal is to help you Drive Client Loyalty through Team Member Engagement. We provide tools and solutions that help you manage your message across the entire organization and help you understand "Why Customers Call." The Equature Performance suite provides quality assessment and customer interactions management that help improve Client Loyalty and Team Member Engagement. We guarantee the Return on Investment in writing to all of our clients. Our job is to help your organization be more successful and maximize profit.

DSS believes that Next Generation 9-1-1 is critically important to our future, and has made a major commitment as a corporation to help make it happen. From taking a leadership role in developing the NG9-1-1 standards, to donating its time, personnel and resources to NG9-1-1 interoperability testing activities, DSS has definitely “gone above and beyond” in this effort – and will continue to do so. This website, along with www.dispatchimprovement.com and Equature Learning on Demand, is one way DSS strives to “give back” to the Public Safety community it serves. DSS wishes to thank Public Safety professionals everywhere for their dedication and commitment, and for the wonderful job they do so tirelessly for all of us.

Our Markets

Driving team member engagement fosters huge benefits to all organizations. The difference in outstanding service comes down to your team. A fully engaged team drives client loyalty regardless of whom you serve. All organizations need to implement engagement strategies to maximize effectiveness.

Public Safety
Public safety professionals understand the importance of Dispatch Improvement because Seconds Save Lives. DSS Corporation focuses on NG9-1-1 Recording and Dispatch Improvement providing solutions to track and trend performance in your dispatch center. Public safety professionals yield major improvements to their agencies by utilizing Learning on Demand and the Equature Performance Suite. Some of our valued partners include Massachusetts State 911 Department, Oregon State Police, Colorado State Police, Livonia Police and Genesee County.

Hospitals and Healthcare systems value their patients and doctors. To solidify their partnerships, they utilize the Equature Performance Suite to capture, analyze and act on their interactions. Departments that interact with their partners daily include billing, patient registration, reference labs and security. Some of our valued partners include: William Beaumont Hospital, Henry Ford Health System and ProMedica Health Systems.

Liability recording is absolutely critical to government operations. DSS Corporation has worked with state, local and federal government departments to craft solutions that capture all interactions including voice, email, video and computer screens. This information is vital to emergency operations as well as security. Departments include: Utilities, Water, Border Protection and many others. Some of our valued partners include: the FBI, NSA, Customs and Boarder Protection, Detroit Water and Sewerage as well as state police agencies.

The insurance industry is highly competitive. Did you know that the number of carriers doubled since 2006? Likewise, the amount of life insurance has increased while the pricing has gone down. This impact means that the insurance business is four times more competitive today than in 2006. The key differentiator for successful insurance companies is their customer’s experience. Providing outstanding customer service is a requirement for survival. The Equature Performance suite allows insurance companies to capture, analyze and act on their customer interactions while driving continuous improvement. These benefits translate to improved team member engagement which ultimately equates to satisfied customers.

Give us a call to see how we can help you better engage your team and drive client loyalty. Call 1-866-377-2677. Please visit our website for more information DSS Corporation